Scholarship accommodations

Our two scholarship accommodations, Dacha Karl Marx and Krupskaya's bedroom, are intended for both living and work.

The dacha in particular has all the facilities while the bedroom is an integrated part of Villa Ulyanov in terms of e.g. work and cooking. Both are also decorated in the establishment’s own style of kitsch and overloaded turn-of-the-century and where the 12,000 books form the unifying element in all spaces, including baths and toilets.

Dacha Karl Marx

In the large leafy Italian garden lies Dacha Karl Marx. There is a double bed, desk, two reading armchairs, a small kitchen and bathroom with bath, shower, bidet, toilet, and an own washing machine. The interior is in the same slightly kitschy overloaded turn-of-the-century style as the other Leninland buildings. From the bed you have a view of the garden, where the dacha has its own corner. The literature in Dacha Karl Marx differs from other rooms in Leninland, as it consists of books that you, as a scholarship holder, can keep a volume of if you wish.

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Krupskaya’s bedroom

This accommodation is on the second floor inside Villa Ulyanov and in connection is the villa’s large bathroom with bath, shower, and toilet. This bedroom, like all the rooms in the house, has walls covered with books and a magnificent Art Nouveau bed 200×140, i.e. a relatively narrow double bed, but the room also has room for our comfortable extra beds. If you live in this guest room, you cook your food and make your coffee downstairs in the villa’s large kitchen and have desk space in the adjacent library with a view of the Kattegatt. Below the window by the bed in the garden is Susanna Arwin’s iconic “Tantfulness”, a work of art consisting of 18 concrete aunties, shaped like the Chinese terracotta army, a sculpture group constantly admired and photographed by tourists and Varberg residents.

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